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Paco Dermutt

"Cleveland's Own"
Paco Dermutt
The Artist of the Ages

Have you heard of Paco Dermutt? If you live in Cleveland and you know art, you certainly know (and love!) Paco. Described by many to be "Cleveland's artist", Paco is admired by many for his bold statements and clean textured styling.

Weiner Painting

Urine Art

Pet Portraits

Don't be fooled by Paco Dermutt's "Tom Selleck" appeal, this man is a serious artist for a serious art town. Most oil and acrylic creations are a special process that Paco signs as being coauthored by his "private member". By dabbing his john thomas in paint he creates a world of illusion without a single brush stroke. Most paintings are finished by spraying them with Paco's own urine.

"My paintings are more special than other artists and people know it. Each of my paintings contain my own DNA." says Paco. "With this process, after cloning becomes as much of our daily lives as washing and eating, you can use this DNA to create your own Paco. No other artist does this for anyone. This is why people admire me and why my fellow artists say, 'Paco first'."

Discovered in Cleveland, Paco has not made the jump to the New York art scene for reasons he speaks of. "Cleveland thinks I make art, because that's what I say I do" relates Paco, "I have made myself the artist of Cleveland. The artist of the ages is a title I thought of when I started to give DNA away with every piece of art. Do you understand me?"

"I don't have to do this. Do you understand me?"

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I am a serious artist in a serious town, Cleveland. Make no mistake, because I do not.

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