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Paco Dermutt
Paco's World

and welcome to it


A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

When I first confronted Paco with a request for a portrait, my thoughts were he would just paint one with his talent. I was wrong. Paco used his "little Paco" to make the portrait come alive. When it was finished Paco peed like a horse on the picture. My mother wept when she got it as a gift. Thank you Paco.


I think Paco is the artist of Cleveland, or something like that. I came home to find him peeing on my cat, I hollered,"Hey don't pee on my cat." Paco hollered back, "Stand down, I am creating a Paco portrait. Do you understand me?"

I got scared and went in the house. Thank you Paco.