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Paco Dermutt

The Flats in Cleveland Ohio

Pacopalooza is a festival of art, a celebration of Paco held each year in Paco's home town, Cleveland, Ohio. Paco, in his own style, "paints the town" then pees on it.

"I share my own DNA with my city, Cleveland, and urine on my street art. Do you understand me?"


"I am dressed like Sgt Paco's Lonely Pee Pants Band, a painting he did, then peed on, for Cleveland. It put us on the map you know. Thank you Paco, you give me direction."


"I really don't like Paco, I'm just scared. He paints and then he pees on it. Big deal. He has brought art to this town, Cleveland, though and that's good I guess."

"Hey, look at me kids. I'm a cone head."